• Daniel Näsman

    Daniel Nasman

    Daniel Nasman

    Clinical Sports Massage Therapist Dip ACMT

    Member of The Sports Massage Association (SMA)

    Daniel’s introduction to massage came in 1995 while he was studying wellness in Sweden. A year later he had successfully completed his Massage Therapist diploma at Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut, Scandinavia’s oldest school for complementary and alternative medicine.

    Daniel worked initially at the Selma Lagerlöf Hotel & Spa, the largest full-service Spa in Scandinavia, gaining several years of valuable hands-on experience. His growing interest in Japanese massage led him to enroll at The British School of Shiatsu-Do in London, for a 3-year diploma course.

    In 2014 he gained his certificate in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (ACMT) from the renowned JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training in Brighton, in 2015 he received his certificate in Advanced Myofascial Release. Daniel is now in the final year of his BTEC 6 degree in Clinical and Sports Massage professional diploma at the same school.

    Daniel has been working in London since 1998 in various health clubs, clinics and corporate environments and is used to treating all kinds of people and complaints. His style is based on Swedish and Deep Tissue massage with added elements of sports massage techniques like myofascial release (MFR), soft tissue release (STR), muscle energy technique (MET), trigger point release and shiatsu techniques as needed.

    Whether you are looking for a nice relaxing session to de-stress, a deeper more vigorous massage to ease away tightness and restrictions, help improving your posture or performance in sports, or a more specific treatment for a particular complaint, Daniel’s massage treatments will always be tailored to suit your needs.

    What people are saying about Daniel:

    “I consider myself not a customer but I patient of Daniel’s. My weekly session restores my sense of mental and physical balance to the point that I consider it almost a religious experience. Daniel is prudent when the patient needs to receive a health tip and seems to have a Master’s Degree in Human Anatomy as he finds every knot in all those layers and layers of muscles and tendons!! I have lived in London for the last fifteen years and have received a massage once or twice a week for the last ten: I can confidently say that Daniel has got the best pair of hands in London” E.J.

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