• Samantha Briggs

    Sports Therapist and Massage

    Sam has worked in Private Practice since qualifying in 1993 in Sports Therapy, Aromatherapy, Heat treatment, Electrical treatment, also Weight Training Coach and Inductors qualification. Since then Sam has added to her studies and will continue to do so. She classes herself has a body work therapist working with the body in a holistic way which includes treatment aftercare and Rehabilitation when needed. She likes to work closely with other therapies if needed to provide a full and complete treatment. Sam’s Background

    Sam has held a 2nd degree in shukokai Karate, 1st degree shotokan and a color belt in E C K A (English Contact Karate Association). seminararbeit schreiben lassen. She has competed both here in the UK and also in Australia achieving many Medals. She retired from Karate in 1999 when she went traveling around Australia. Since coming back in 2000 she has worked here in London first as a Fitness consultant and then in Private practice. Sam aims to provide a completely holistic treatment which will treat the body as a whole not just the symptoms. Sam works at our Prebend Street Clinic.


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