• What to expect

    During your first visit

    We always take a medical history, so we understand more about what you do, any trauma/posture/exercise influences on what you’re coming to see us about.

    We will explain what approach we will take to treat you.

    After the massage we may suggest exercises, alterations to your posture or considerations for your work life that we believe will benefit you.

    If we believe that you would be better treated by another practitioner or that another type of therapy would be better for you then we will recommend someone from our network of complementary therapists.

    If you have any questions or comments at any time during your treatment we will endeavour to answer them for you at the time, or we will provide an answer at your next appointment.


    Subsequent visits

    We will start each subsequent visit with a review of your health and how it has changed since your last visit.

    We will confirm what you want to be treated this time, if there are any new conditions.

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